Building with the best views, of Mijas Costa, Málaga
The Costa del Sol, the southernmost point of the continent is a privileged land where nature pampers us with a gentle climate all year round. A region of contrasts with meadows, woods, amazing beaches, golf courses and mountains that are a delight to the eyes and soul of the visitor. It is a place where architecture and the environment live in harmony. Its residents are as different as the landscapes themselves. Since ancient times the coast has been the mecca of international and national tourism becoming in many instances the permanent residence of its visitors, something which underscores the virtues of this land...

A paradise between golf and sea, of Mijas Costa, Málaga
There are only two seasons on the Costa del Sol. Spring runs from September to the end of June and the rest of the year is summer. This is the southernmost region of Europe and enjoys the best weather on the continent, which explains why millions of visitors come every year to spend their holidays.

The Costa del Sol is a multicultural, multiracial land where, in the words of Manuel Alcántara, "the only stranger is the cold".
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